Friday, January 22, 2010

higher daily protein allowance

Just got an email from the dietician about his formula change. We are taking away the similac (regular formula) all together and increasing his medical formula from 75gm to 80gms. By making this change Kaden can now have 90mg of MET!! (This is a big change from 70mg)

Now he can have more crackers and popcorn for snacks!! Popcorn is his favorite and with it being 22mg of MET for 1/4 cup popped, I've been having to deny him everytime we eat it. Can you imagine only being able to eat 1/4 cup of popcorn?? It's like 6 pieces!! Totally not fair....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


We have now had Kaden's levels in a good range for 3 months, I am finally starting to breathe again. Feels like when everything starts getting good, we have bad numbers or need to start changing things. For December, Kaden's levels came back at 22 (under 50 is safe) so the doctor and I were very happy about that. We had a check up with Kaden's geneticist and he can't believe how good Kaden is doing. His development is perfectly on track and he is a happy, healthy baby. He was being very cute for the doctor and was loving all the attention of 3 doctors!! (every time we go to the doctor we have at least one other "doctor" join us. I feel like Kaden is put on display for new doctors to see someone with HCU. ANNOYING! I'm always a bit short with them even though I know I shouldn't be)

Kaden's protein allowance has been 60-70 mg of methionine, which is roughly 3gm of protein a day since he was 8 months. I was wanting the doctor to try a higher protein allowance, but at this time, he wants to keep things the same. But, I found a way to more protein!! Right now we are mixing Kaden's medical formula with 1 scoop of similac (regular baby formula) and have been doing this since he was 8 months. Well, now that he is over 1 year old, we can stop giving the regular formula with the medical formula. This one scoop of formula was equal to 1gm of protein, so Kaden will be allowed 1 more gram of protein from food. YEAH!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

New Recipes

I'm finally getting the hang of low protein cooking and was able to alter two recipes so Kaden could eat them. Not only did the recipes turn out, they were delicious!!

I have a really good banana bread recipe that I make for the family. The last time I make it, I felt horrible as we all devoured our delicious slice of banana bread and Kaden sat in his high chair eating dry cereal. So, the next day I began changing my banana bread recipe to low protein. I changed two ingredients, flour and eggs, and it was low protein! It was so delicious, no one else in the family knew it was low protein and Kaden was licking the crumbs off his highchair tray, literally!! :)

I also did this with eggplant parmesan. I was frying eggplant for my dad's birthday spaghetti dinner and wanted to make some for Kaden. So I changed out the eggs and bread crumbs for coffee creamer and wheat flour. The coating didn't brown because of the wheat starch but it did get crispy and was really good!! I covered the eggplant with spaghetti sauce anyway so the browning didn't matter, his plate of food was just like ours and that all I'm wanting. EVERYONE had a great family dinner for my Dad's birthday!!