Saturday, February 27, 2010

I found peanut butter for Kaden!

I'm so trilled to have finally found a peanut butter that K can eat. I have made him jelly and honey, honey and banana, jelly and butter sandwhiches but none can compete with good old pb and j!! This product is called Better then Peanut Butter and it available at target, my go to store. Bonus, its $5 a jar which is pretty reasonable to me since online the stuff can cost up to $10. Its made with peanut products so its lower in protein then regular peanut butter, but still tastes like peanut butter. I made him some beer bread on friday, yes beer, and smeared the new pb on it for breakfast, Kaden couldn't eat it fast enough! :)

Found this just in time for summer picnics with friends.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Cambrooke Foods....

I have been ordering low protein mixes from Cambrooke Foods for awhile now but just ordered some frozen foods for the first time. These foods are REALLY expensive and I hate ordering new foods not knowing if Kaden is going to eat it. To give you an idea, my order cost $100 and I got cheese slices (32), meatballs (16), pb and j pockets (6) and pizza rolls (6). Keep in mind the meatballs and pockets are small and Kaden eats two per sitting. BUT, I'm very happy with the food and think its worth every penny. The cheese slices make great grilled cheese that get melty and tastes just like a kraft slice. The pizza pockets are very "herby" and delicious and the PB & J balls really taste like peanut butter and jelly! The only item that isn't like the "real" item are the meatballs. They are chopped veggies rolled in a dough. They are VERY tasty and Kaden loves them but they are more like a veggie fritter if I had to describe it.

I'm finding great comfort in finding foods that resemble kids comfort foods that actually taste good. I've been hearing about these low protein foods from my dietician and other friends since Kaden was diagnosed but have had great hesitation in ordering them. Think about it, how appealing does imitation cheese and processed veggie meatballs sound?? To me, pretty yummy thanks to Cambrooke!! :)