Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May numbers are in....

We got Kaden's levels back from 5-6-10 and his homocystine was 60. This is an OK number but a bit high for Kaden. When we got home from drawing his levels I noticed Kaden didn't get his full dose of betaine the day before! SH**! After this discovery, I knew his levels would be a bit high. Oh well, its done. His dietitian and doctor were happy with the levels so I'll try to be happy as well. Hoping for better levels next month :)

We did an extra test last month to check protein and it came back good. Now we know he is getting enough "good" protein from his diet to grow perfectly. Just what I needed to hear.


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  1. Go Kaden! Great news about the "good" protein. AND by the way....Bridgett, youre an awesome mom!