Thursday, June 24, 2010

Non-Medical Update

I'm just so proud of my boy Kaden. I wanted to post about some fun things he is doing right now for a change. He is currently 19months old and weights 24lbs. He is a very adventurous boy that loves to try anything and loves getting into mischief. I follow him around all day cleaning messes and keeping him out of things he shouldn't be into. He is also a sweet, kind, and flirty boy. He will walk up to a stranger, wave high, and ask for food, high fives, anything they have to offer. He is very smart! He can count to two, and knows a few body parts. Hair, eyes, nose, ears, hands, tummy, and mouth to list them out. He is very talkative and knows so many words I can't list or count them. He newest word is "na nu", love you. He is very polite and says thank you after you give him something and then says two and puts his other hand out.

He is a little boy that keeps me on my toes and drives me crazy some days, but can melt my heart with his smile and laugh. He is a cuddle bug at the end of the day and gives me kisses to "apologize" for all the rules he broke. I love being a mom to boys, there is nothing better!!

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