Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cystadane update...

So far the addition of Cystadane to Kaden's treatment is going well. It's a powder substance that I add to his formula bottles three times a day. Its only a 1/8 teaspoon dose for the entire day so it doesn't seem to change the flavor of the "milk", he is still being a good boy and drinking all his bottles.

He really is getting adventurous with his diet and I'm excited about that. Last night for dinner he ate tomatoes and cucumbers from my subway sandwich. So cute! He is now able to drink out of a juice box which is the new fun thing! Today at MC Donald's he LOVED having sips from his juice box between fries! (I know he is to young for fries, but I have mother's guilt and give in). I also made some low protein bread last weekend that he likes toasted with jellies. I make cinnamon croutons with the last few stale slices last night and he gobbled it up for breakfast. (I could let the bread go to waste, so expensive and a bit of a pain to make).

He has been such a good eater lately and its been so nice!! I hear the boo boos now, gotta go!

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