Monday, October 19, 2009

Kaden's First Birthday menu...

Kaden's first birthday is this Saturday (5 days away) and I have a big family luau planned. I can't believe its already been one year since I had him, it really flew by. As for the menu I have planned, I'm catering in Panda Express (chinese) since I have 35 people coming and I don't want to cook. The local hawaiian restaurant is not good so I figured chinese food is close enough :) Kaden should be able to eat a small portion of the fried rice and I'm going to make fruit and marshmallow kabobs (thanks for the idea Tammy) as well for him. As for his cake, I ordered a special mix online that is low in MET from Frosting is easy since he can eat the store bought "ready to use" stuff. I'm a bit surprised and confused, like always, with what is actually low in MET. As for the frostings, cream cheese flavor is the lowest! Um yeah, wouldn't it be high, its CHEESE! Anyway.....that is our frosting of choice since its MET free. Will post pics after the big event!!

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