Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Finally..some good numbers!!!

We got Kaden's lab back from early October and his homocystine is 18!! Whooohoooo! These are the lowest numbers yet! His methionine was a bit high, but his dietitian told us its a side effect of the cystadane and its nothing to worry about (in the 200's). So, three months later, we are finally in a good spot, for now. I never seem to get too excited since I never know what next month will hold.

BTW...Kaden has been so hard to feed lately!! This kid wants to live off fries and crackers! He will just scream in his chair until I give in, and give him what he wants. I don't know how a kid that can pretty much only eat fruits and veggies can go all day without one??! But he has managed to do it. I did get him to eat some tomatoes and zucchini tonight after adding salt and pepper to both and salad dressing to the tomatoes. I also made some low protein tortillas last night that he seems to like. They are really good! They look a bit white and transparent at first but once you taste them, they are yummy. I might try to bake some this weekend with some seasonings and make some chips! I know, I know, just what he DOESN'T need, anther chip to obsess over. They are so low, three equals 1 pt, so I don't even count them since he can barely eat one.
sigh....just trying to hang in there....

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