Thursday, January 27, 2011

a bit overloaded these days!

Wow! Its been way to long, sorry. My life has been non stop! I'm going to recap....
October-We did a Disneyland trip and celebrated Kaden's second birthday! I also started an organization called Helping Hands for HCU on facebook. I'm hoping to become a non profit soon but for now we are a support group, and I'm planning to do fundraisers once or twice a year.
We also had our first fundraiser for HH4HCU! It was wonderful! I made custom awareness ribbons and goodie bags for people who donated. We were able to raise over $800 in a month! whoo hoo!
November-Thanksgiving of course plus SHOPPING and preparing for Christmas. We also started looking for a new home.
December-Christmas, and PACKING! We bought a house and had 3 weeks to pack, move, and rent our current house so we didn't end up have 2 mortgages. Everything got done just in the nick of time ;)

So here we are in January and I'm finally coming up for a bit of air!

Kaden and the family are good! We are settling into our new home and life is going good. Kaden has had good numbers and is happily staying on his diet and drinking his formula.

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