Monday, September 27, 2010

vacation time!!

I'm so excited about a planned vacation this month, but I'm worried about what Kaden will eat and ALL the extra stuff I have to pack. The last time I took him on an airplane it was awful! Security gave me such a hassle about the powder formula and liquid prescriptions. I know they are just doing there job, but so am I as a mom. I argued with them about not wanting to x-ray the formula and medications but they told me I had to or I would have to sit in security for an hour while they did tests. UGH! So I just did it and prayed it wouldn't change the formulation. Then on the way home, I was told they had no right to force me to do this due to the disability act since I had his diagnosis paper from the doctor. I'm going to stay positive for this trip and maybe I'll get a nice person that can trust I'm not trying to blow up the plane, just bring what my son needs.

Traveling can also be hard since his formula and medications need to be kept cold. We are always having to spend more to get an upgraded room to accommodate this. But, its just something we have to do and can't get around it.

We are branching out and I'm finding lots of foods he can have at restaurants while out. Kaden had his first subway sandwich the other day and LOVE it! He had a 2inch sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and ranch. He would of eaten more, but the bread is really high in protein so I had to cut him off and switch to apples. He also eat tacos! I didn't realize how low in protein hard corn shells are, never looked them up in my book. So, he had a Taco Bell taco the other night with just lettuce and tomatoes. Kaden loves chips, or anything crunchy so he was in heaven. Plus, he got to eat the entire thing! He is now on strike with french fries and I don't blame him. He was eating them about 3-4times a week since they are easy and the only thing he would eat most days.

I'm thinking with experience under my belt and some new fast foods, this trip should be easier then the last one over the summer.

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