Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm on milk patrol!!!

I'm been going to the gym now for a few weeks and love it! I put both my kids in the "kids klub" while I enjoy my workout in peace and quiet. There is a sign on the door that no food or drinks are allowed within, so I never worried about Kaden being able to get his hands on a food/drink he shouldn't eat. Well, today, I went to get my kids and see a sippy cup of milk at Kaden's feet. Crap! I asked the ladies why is this here, and they told me kids are allowed cups of milk and juice. What? The sign says water only! I told them that my son can't have milk and continued to ask questions to see if maybe he had a few sips from the cup on the floor. The two ladies at the desk looked at me like some weirdo. "Your kid can't have milk? What does he drink?" Really? So, I explain that he is "allergic" to milk as well as many other food items so I'd need to know if he ate or drank anything while in their care. The lady in charge assured me that the milk was drank immediately by the child that brought it in and that in no way Kaden had some. Yet, the cup was on the floor next to Kaden and had a few ounces in it. The child that drank it was off and playing.

I know these things are going to happen but I got a reminder that I will always have to make people aware of his diet. Its so annoying. I didn't want to tell these women about Kaden's disorder, he is only there for an hour a day so I just said "allergic." I know this isn't the mind set, but I didn't want to tell them because I know they really don't care and wouldn't understand what his diet restrictions included. Oh well. I will remind them everyday and hope they watch him carefully around mysterious cups on the floor!


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  1. I think it should be a water only rule. Yes, those things will happen. But what if some kid was highly allergic and broke out in a big rash.... then maybe they'd listen. That ticks me off. He is little and doesn't know. All sippy cups look appealing to a toddler, so not his fault. I hope the gym is more careful and you are able to enjoy your workouts without worry. :-)