Friday, September 3, 2010

Off the Roller Coaster

We got Kaden's levels back for August and they were good. Homocystine was 22 and methionine was 312. His numbers have been very consistent and good for the past few months. Basil (hubby) took Kaden to his metabolic clinic last week and he gained 2 lbs! This is good news since he was slowly falling off the growth charts for weight. All in all, we are stable and happy. Good numbers, good appetite, good with taking his meds and formula.

BUT, on a side note, behavior hasn't been so good. We have OFFICIALLY hit the terrible 2's and OMG! Kaden like to throw fits, talk back and hit people when he doesn't get his way. baby is growing perfectly! hahaha! :)

PS. For those of you on facebook I just started a page called, Helping Hands for HCU. I'm hoping to get a foundation started and this is just little step in that direction. Go "like" it please!!


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