Thursday, August 20, 2009

Total Homocystine Values and MET values

We started doing monthly blood draws when Kaden was about 3 months old. He has been on hominex-1 formula since 8 weeks old as well as vitamin B6 and a compound of folic acid and B12. The saftey zone is under 60 for total homocystine and under 1,000 for MET.

These have been his values:
July 22,2009
111.7 Homocystine
257 MET

June 8, 2009
55.9 H
68.8 MET

May 3, 2009
32 H
11 MET

As you can see we were doing great until July! That month, I stopped breastfeeding and introduced similac. We also increased his protein intake since his numbers had been so good. We added more hominex to his diet, and deceased his similac and protein intake to try to get his numbers back down. We will be getting August values soon, so fingers crossed they are good!!

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