Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kaden's food journal

I have created a food journal for Kaden that I'm really proud of ! The doctor and dieticians are even impressed with how organized it is. I thought I would share how I'm tracking Kaden's methionine intake everyday, as well as every month.

To get started all I bought was a three ring binder, pencil pouch, and a folder with pockets that will fit in the notebook. This all cost about $3 at walmart! I used microsoft word to create the tables for my "reference" pages and the daily/monthly logs. I like the daily log so I can see exactly what he has eaten all day and the monthly log to get an overview of his intake that month and how it may have affected his homocystine number. Also, when my husband comes home he doesn't have to ask, "how many points does he have left", "did he take his vitamins", he can just look in the book and pick up where I left off. At the bottom of the daily log I made a box for vitamins and formula since these need to be tracked daily as well. The vitamin box I just check when he has taken them, and the formula box I check when he has drank all of the mandatory formula. The dash and second number in the formula box is any extra hominex (medical formula) he has drank that day in ounces (the "H" is for hominex).

The first picture is his daily chart. I made three columns so I can track what the food is, how much he ate (I prefer to use a gram scale to weigh portions) and how many MET was in the serving. There are also rows for subtotals after each meal and a total for the end of the day. You can also see the formula and vitamin box I was talking about earlier. The second picture are common foods my son eats and the MET per 1gm of that food. The third picture is the same type of page as the second, but is MET count of baby foods. I also have one more page that is just the same that has dairy, grains, frozen foods, etc that my son likes. I like these kinds of reference pages. After totaling how many grams he ate of a certain food, I just multiple it by the MET/1 GM number off one of the three pages that are right next to the daily sheet to get the total MET for that portion that he ate.

This last picture is Kaden's MET intake for the month sheet. I just made a table so at a glance I can see what his MET intake was for each day of the month. It's to hard to flip though the pages when the dietician asks you questions about MET intake. "Was MET intake high, low, is he satisfied with the MET allotted", etc. It also lets me know how I did for the month at calculating his meals and did I keep them in range. Did I go over alot, was I too low, do I need to alter some portions.

So, this is Kaden's food bible. I take it with me on vacation, to all the doctor appointments and I really like the organization it gives me. I have everything on hand at a glance, it easy to access, and so far it has been great.

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  1. This is a good idea! It will help you feel like you a little more control over something. I can only imagine how frustrating this journey is...