Tuesday, March 30, 2010

back to counting points, UGH!

We were on vacation last week and I decided to give myself and Kaden a break. I decided not to bring his food journal or calculate MET values. I made a general menu for everyday we would be gone and brought everything needed to prepare the meals I planned. It took may hours of planning, three trips to two stores, but once it was planned and packed, we had a nice relaxing vacation. I planned meals that would allow extra snacks or cheating and keep his daily value around 60 MET since he is allowed up to 90MET. I loved being able to just feed him and not have to weight and count, I premeasured everything for "grab and go" meals. I will admit we didn't stay on the meal plan at every meal, and did allow some minor cheating with french fries but nothing that would make his levels go crazy. We all had a great vacation :)

Now its back to calculations! I found imitation cream cheese yesterday thanks to a friend so I have a new food item to play with for meal ideas. (thanks Leona)

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  1. Your welcome! You should try the sour cream too. They are both great!