Monday, April 26, 2010

April levels....YEAH!

We just go back Kaden's levels from April 1st (ummm, yeah, its the 26th!!!). His homocystine was 2 and his methionine was 10. These numbers are below normal so the doc wants to up his protein/methionine allowance. His dietitian told us to up his diet 20-25 mg of methionine (equals 1 gm of protein) and go draw blood again in a week so we can see how Kaden does with the increase. So, We are going from 90mg to 110-115 mg! YEAH! I was able to give Kaden a whole piece of bread today for his PB & J sandwich for lunch :) This is big for me. I thought I would never be able to give him normal bread when we started this journey but he is amazing me.

**Side note of annoyance! Kaden's dietitians are wonderful, amazing, and knows their stuff but today I had some frustrations. She was telling me to up his MET to 90mg from 70mg. What?? We were already at 90mg and have been for two month. The other dietitian that changed his diet two months ago forgot to make a note! Really! I know these things happen but its my baby. So, I called the dietitian back and left a message that I'm going to give Kaden 110-115mg, if thats a problem, call me. **

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  1. We need to make him a little cape. What a little wonder man! Hope the levels stay low. You are a super mama too - way to stay on top of things and do what's best for him.