Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just one of those days!

I created this blog as a therapeutic outlet for when I have days like today. I think, if pushed, I could of easily put my kids in daycare today and gone to work! (or out to lunch and shopping) Kaden is only 18 months but is seriously acting like a terrible 2 yr old! He now talks back (says no no to me with a pointed finger) and bites when he is frustrated and can't get his way. He has stopped listening to me all together and lives to the beat of his own drum.

Thanks goodness, I had a play date with good friends to calm down and vent. Nothing better then venting to another mom about your troubles and hearing that they have the same struggles! I love being a stay at home mom but some days I question it. I think stay at home moms should at least get a "Good Job" certificate every once in awhile for some validation.

This afternoon I'm going to create a count down until BOTH the boys are in school!!


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