Thursday, April 29, 2010

More changes...ugh!

Kaden had his 18 month well visit a few days ago and it went well. His pediatrician noticed he has dropped off three growth curves since birth and has only gained 3lbs since he was 9 months. He started in the 75th percentile and is now in the 20th for weight. I notified his dietitian of the observation and gave her Kaden's calorie intake for the previous week (that made for a fun night, google calorie count for a list of food). An average 18 month old need 900-1800 calories and Kaden was at about 600-900 calories a day including his formula. So, we are going to increase his formula amount to give him more calories and do a weight check in a month. We are also going to do an extra blood lab next week to see if he is getting enough protein. Kaden does look like a healthy proportionate little boy but if the body's protein/methionine is to low it can affect growth. Kaden LOVES basketball so we go to make sure the boy can grow as much as possible. :)

To top the day off, Kaden got three shots and was miserable for the next two days. Was up that night with him and had to clean some majorly nasty diapers. Ahhhh, nice!

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